Business leaders, lobbyists urge Congress to certify election for Biden

Signatories to the letter included executives from Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Warby Parker, JetBlue, Condé Nast, Con Edison, Lyft, and dozens of others.

Although election officials across the country have confirmed Biden as the 2020 winner, Trump and his allies have continued to advance conspiracy theories and procedural challenges to claim another term in the White House. Trump shocked officials in Atlanta and Washington on Saturday when he urged Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger to roll back election results there. The Washington Post published a recording of this conversationwhich led to a criminal investigation.

Trump’s campaign has also created a split within his own party in Congress. Republican senators have argued over whether to question the results of the electoral college. At least 12 senators and 140 members of the House of Representatives announced that they would question Biden’s victory in any way.

On his Monday ExplanationBusiness Roundtable, an association of CEOs, rebuked the premise of the challenges, saying there was no power for Congress to reject or revoke ballots legally certified by the states and approved by the electoral college. The peaceful change of power is a hallmark of our democracy and should take place unhindered. “

Congress will meet on Wednesday to count the votes of the electoral college.

The disputes take place while the country is facing its biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Monday’s four statements urged Congress to end the delay and instead focus on protecting Americans and businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“During this pandemic, America’s manufacturing workers have heroically stepped up to ensure our country had the supplies, food, vaccines, medicines and equipment we need,” according to the National Association of Manufacturers letter said. “Our industry has struggled to protect our country, and now we ask Congress to join us in healing our nation instead of promoting more division and vitriol.”

“We urge Congress to fulfill its responsibility to count the votes, the Trump administration to facilitate an orderly transition for the future Biden administration, and all of our elected officials, their pandemic and pandemic forces To use support for our economic recovery, “he said Explanation from the US Chamber of Commerce Managing Director Thomas J. Donohue.

The chamber’s statement continued to discourage property damage as “thousands of Americans are expected to express their views,” in an implicit reference to a series of rallies scheduled in Washington to coincide with the Congress vote. Trump himself encouraged the protests, but city officials fear this could lead to violent clashes. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked the district’s National Guard to help local police respond to the demonstrators.

“Small businesses, local communities and our nation pay a heavy price when demonstrations become violent and destructive. Therefore, it is important that these gatherings be peaceful,” the Donohue statement said.

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