Businessman banned from Ryanair flight to Alicante in Spain travel paperwork row

A disgruntled passenger who turned away from a flight to Spain accused budget airline Ryanair of providing “misleading” guide to travel rules.

Richard Bolton, 60, of Bramhall, Cheshire, said he was among nine different passengers on his Alicante flight from Manchester who were denied boarding because he was on May 19, two days after UK restrictions not essential travel, not in possession of proper papers raised.

Now he’s struggling to get a refund or flight credit from the airline.

The father of four wanted to visit a bank in Spain with personal documents and do urgent work on a piece of property, the ManchesterEveningNews Reports.

Spain has since lifted restrictions on visitors from the UK who can now enter the country for non-essential business.

He accused Ryanair of failing to state on its website that it required either a Spanish residence permit or a letter from the government saying travel was essential.

Instead, he claimed he was advised to prove that he had received a negative PCR test and the reasons for the trip before being referred to a questionnaire hosted by the Spanish authorities when checking in online.

After booking his £ 109 ticket on Ryanair’s website, Richard claimed he followed travel instructions, which included completing a questionnaire from the Spanish government, a PCR test and a QR code from the Spanish Ministry of Sanidad.

He also arrived at the airport with letters from the Spanish notary, Santander Bank and a contractor. However, an airport handling agent turned Richard down, telling him that the airline would be fined £ 500 for every passenger returned from Spain.

Richard, who has retired from the insurance business, said, “I had clear evidence that the trip was for business and that I had to travel urgently.”

He added, “When I try to get in touch, all I get is ‘Molly the Bot’, which tells me someone will be back in 48 hours. Well, I’ve spoken to Molly the Bot every day since then and she doesn’t refer me to anyone . “

According to Richard, easyJet, with whom he booked a return flight, has already offered an alternative date.

The Manchester evening news contacted Ryanair for comment but received no response.


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