But It Seems Penn Badgley Spoiled You Season 3 It Way Back In 2019?

Netflix’s You season 3 ended with a shocking twist where one of the characters died, and it looks like Penn Badgley spoiled it years ago. For Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), the serial killer was matched up during The You season 2. In an interesting twist, the show revealed that Joe’s new love interest, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), was a killer with a history she had herself.

Love was so obsessed with Joe that she tried to manipulate Joe into falling for her. She then killed to keep their romance alive. Although Joe initially tried to end the relationship with Love after discovering the shocking fact that she was expecting a baby, the couple was forced to move to the suburbs in search of a new beginning. But Joe immediately fell back into his old habits.

Your Season 3 introduces a variety of new characters to the show. In the suburbs, Joe is immediately distracted by his new neighbor, Michaela McManus’ Natalie Engler. Her husband Matthew Engler (Scott Speedman) may have something to say about it. Rumor has it that Love also has a romantic interest, the son of Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold) Matthew. Shalita Grant joins the show for Sherry Conrad’s character. The new enemy of love. Sherry is the queen bee of Madre Linda’s suburbs and rules the lives of the wealthy elite along with her sleek husband, Cary (Travis Van Winkle).

Season 2 of the Netflix show is over with a shocking ending and Badgley could have ruined it even before the year 2019. In an interview (via Vanity Fair), Badgley speculated where his character and Love will be in the final season, Season 3. The interview revealed that the two were on the brink of becoming each other’s nemesis. The actor added, “It’s so common in relationships that we see the other as an adversary.” Of course it is true that in the third season of You season 3, Joe and Love are enemies. They try to compete in the final episode, but Joe eventually makes it to the top.

Although Badgley’s prediction was correct, the actor thought about it when he made his prediction. He claimed that the actor was unsure of how the show would develop before making his decision. But since people who play the roles of their shows from the inside out and are familiar with their characters, this speculation is probably almost always correct. For example, Gwendoline Christie even predicted the winner of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones many years prior to the end of the series. If anyone could predict that you would finish correctly, it would be Badgley.

In many ways Badgley’s prediction was a foregone conclusion. Obviously, the Season 2 Season 2 finale revealed that Joe and Love probably won’t have a peaceful family life in the suburbs, and Joe immediately returned to his old way of life. In addition, Love and Joe are often in conflict during the show.

Joe is always looking for new romantic partners to become obsessed with, and Love is desperate to keep the love affair they had before. Considering that both Joe and Love have serial killer histories and serial killer histories, it’s not surprising that they made their way into The ‘You’ episode 3 finale. Either way, it was impossible for them all to get out alive.

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