Buttigieg: Americans can't wait for 'dorm room debate' over infrastructure

“We think these things go together,” he said. “And, of course, it’s not uncommon in legislation to postpone a number of different items that are part of a related topic at the same time, as Americans can’t wait for us to resolve a dormitory debate about which policies go into which categories . They want us to just do it. “

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito, senior Republican negotiator, said the party had worked with Biden to bring infrastructure back to its traditional roots in transportation and physical elements like roads and bridges.

“We disagree on the definition of infrastructure and have worked with the president to bring it back to the core physical idea of ​​infrastructure that we have worked so well on in the past,” Capito said on Fox News Sunday.

Capito agreed that while human and social infrastructure are “great things to talk about,” the line for what is considered to be physical infrastructure must be drawn somewhere.

“Whether these are roads and bridges, waterways, ports, lead pipes, transit, airports and also the new infrastructure that we must have everywhere, broadband,” said Capito. “These are great categories that we can work on together.”

Buttigieg said there needs to be a “clear direction” for infrastructure in negotiations by June 7, when Congress returns.

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