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The Super Bowl’s not the only game in town this weekend. (Photo: Getty)

With Presidents’ Day weekend coming up soon (not to mention Valentine’s Day this Sunday), it’s a pretty great time to look for deals on some of your favorite products. And that includes video games. Right now, both Amazon and Target have buy-2-get-1-free offers on a wide selection of titles for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

We spotlight some of them below, alongside some killer PlayStation 4 deals from Walmart and GameStop.

Buy-2-Get-1-Free Sales

Watch out for Miles Morales'  electric power!  (Photo: Insomniac Games)

Watch out for Miles Morales’ electric powers! (Photo: Insomniac Games)

Even if you weren’t lucky enough to snag a PS5, there’s still plenty of new titles to play for your PlayStation 4. In fact, one of the latest and best games for the system so far is only $30 right now. that would be Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswhich is a sort-of followup to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man† Players of that game might remember that Miles had powers by the end, and this title gets to be his debut adventure. It’s not quite a full sequel, but that just means it’s short and sweet, perfect for busy adults to get their game on.

One gamer says he’ll “play it again and again and again.” But even older players got in on the fun, with one who says it’s a ton of fun and allows me to fulfill my fantasy of running around the neighborhood in tights while fighting crime.” A little weird, but that’s what video games are for!

$30 $50 at Target

The action has never been hotter this winter.  (Photo: EA)

The action has never been hotter this winter. (Photo: EA)

Are you ready for a certain big sporting event coming up this weekend? Well, you can prep by picking up the latest madden football game. Football is a lot more fun when you call the shots, after all. Here, you can manage everything, including scouts and coaching staff! Grab it and one other game, and get a third one for free!

Players call this one the “best version in years. So many updates and it feels more next-gen than any other game. Very cool new features and functions this time around.” We’re happy it lives up to its great name!

$60 at Target

Head back to school... at your own risk!  (Photo: Sega)

Head back to school… at your own risk! (Photo: Sega)

released last fall, Lost Judgment is a detective story (from the folks that brought us 2019’s Judgment and 2020’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon) that will have you walking the streets of Tokyo and Yokohama to solve a murder mystery. Sneak around, get into fights and even track down hidden items with your trusty canine — this is a game that really lets you step into the shoes of a private detective. And even though it’s only a few months old, this thrilling title is only $37 at Amazon right now, in addition to the 3-for-2 sale.

Early reviews from players are good, with one calling it “dark but fun with twists and turns, keeping it interesting at all times.” And, while this is technically a sequel, you can still enjoy it even if you haven’t played the first, as one shopper says it’s “not exactly a shocking transformation of the first game, mechanics are about the same, just improved and/ or added to, but the narrative of the game takes a different enough approach and the new possibilities at the school are exciting.” If you love mysteries, this sounds like it’s right up your alley!

$37 $60 at Amazon

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Get 3 video games for the price of 2 at Target

More video game sales

Travel to sunny Vice City and make friends... and enemies.  (Photo: Rockstar Games)

Travel to sunny Vice City and make friends… and enemies. (Photo: Rockstar Games)

Not a buy-2-get-1-free deal; rather, this is a 3-in-1 anthology. At this point, Grand Theft Auto III and its immediate successors, Vice City and San Andreas, are certified classics, among the titles every gamer is expected to be familiar with. Haven’t joined the gang yet? Well, this set includes all three GTA installations for a super low price, with enhanced graphics and controls for your modern PlayStation 4.

Those improvements have their admirers among Amazon reviewers, with players like this one calling the collection “excellent” and that “all three games look and control better than the vanilla originals (which I own on several systems as well). unless you played only modded versions prior to this, you’ll notice all the improvements that were made from the originals. After playing all the way through III and Vice City, I only had one glitch. The rest of the time the games played smooth and fast.”

$40 $60 at Amazon

Kratos is really, really trying to be a good dad.  (Photo: Santa Monica Studio / Sony)

Kratos is really, really trying to be a good dad. (Photo: Santa Monica Studio / Sony)

This M-rated game is quite the family affair, as the Greek-deity-battling Kratos decides to leave behind the world he knows in favor of the colder and quieter north to raise his son in peace. But that tranquility doesn’t last long when he and the kid get involved in the affairs of gods and giants, forcing this former god to pick up his ax once again. This greatest-hits edition of the acclaimed title is now just $14.

Players are super enthusiastic about this one: “This game has an epic storyline following Kratos and his son, which magnificently intertwined with the previous God of War games. You will appreciate the graphics and character developments. You will be like a fish on a hook and will not be able to set your remote down. buy it. play it. love it. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Sounds like you’re getting real bang for your buck!

$14 $30 at Walmart

Immortals Fenyx Rising

You’re not here to make friends. (Photo: Ubisoft)

It’s been almost five years since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released for the Nintendo Switch, and we have no idea when the sequel is coming. Luckily, there are games like Immortals Fenyx Rising to scratch your itch for an open immersive world and epic story. The PlayStation 4 version is just $25, a $35 markdown!

One player loved the entire experience: “As a huge fan of Zelda games and Horizon Zero Dawn, this game had me hooked from the get-go. The open world map is huge and totally explorable since you have the ability to climb and glide basically anywhere. There are tons of puzzles, too! I absolutely loved the gameplay and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun way to spend some rainy/gloomy days inside.”

$25 $60 at Amazon

Get acquainted with Gevalt of Rivia all over again.  (Photo: CD Project Red)

Get acquainted with Gevalt of Rivia all over again. (Photo: CD Project Red)

While you wait for season three of the Netflix show, why not get better acquainted with the world of the Witcher though the video game that made the franchise popular in the United States in the first place? All the characters you love are here — Geralt, Yennifer and Ciri — and now they must face off against the powerful and brutal Wild Hunt. Instead of just watching the action, you get to play a direct part in it here, and right now it’s only $14 at Walmart!

$14 $20 at Walmart

Cal Kestis with lightsaber

It’s you against an entire galaxy. (Photo: Respawn)

Have you ever wished you could take a lightsaber into your own hands, vanquish stormtroopers and explore the galaxy? Fallen Order is a game that puts you into the boots of Cal Kestis, a survivor of the Jedi massacre that occurred in Revenge of the Jedic† Even if you’re not that familiar with Star Wars lore, this game is a great role-playing adventure with plenty of action and spectacular graphics.

This was one of the best games of 2019, and right now it’s just $17. Players have called it a “fantastic Star Wars game,” one where the main character has a lot of “depth” and the graphics are “visually amazing.” One gamer says, “The combat is enthralling (and low-key gives me a power trip), the visual direction is incredible, working with the engaging characters and writing to evoke the feel of the movies incredibly well, and the game offers a new perspective that adds depth to a very interesting time in the Star Wars timeline. I’ve loved every minute!”

$17 $20 at GameStop

Star-Lord kicks butt and rocks while doing it.  (Photo: Square Enix)

Star-Lord kicks butt and rocks while doing it. (Photo: Square Enix)

this game takes everything you love about the hit movies — the goofy characters, the wild combat, the classic tunes — and puts you in the cockpit. Fans of the comics will love the way the characters look like their on-page counterparts, while newcomers and vets alike will love the ability to make choices that affect the story.

This is one of the best games of 2021, and the five-star reviews on Amazon back that up. This player says it’s a “great narrative game, gameplay is amazing and if you want a challenge put it on highest difficulty.” He adds, “the soundtrack is amazing and the [first] hour of the game is my favorite and I didn’t get to the main story till like 30 mins in cause I was listening to the songs.” Sounds like it doubles as a jukebox too, and you can snag it for 50 percent off at Amazon!

$30 $60 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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