Buying a used car in lockdown in England is illegal, say police

A used car buyer was brought to justice for violating the lockdown rules after buying a “good looking Golf”.

Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG), which covers Staffordshire and West Midlands Police, tweeted a picture of a red Volkswagen Golf, adding, “A 100 mile round trip to pick you up at a private car swap is not good, right not good legitimate reason to be out at 10pm. “

Speaking to, a spokesman for CMPG said: “While it is not necessarily a violation of Covid-19 rules to buy a replacement vehicle if it is necessary for important travel, a car swap will be done during the current one Lockdown restrictions not deemed appropriate where only essential travel is permitted. “

During the initial lockdown in March 2020, it was discovered that car dealers could sell vehicles using click-and-collect or delivery services. However, Nona Bowkis, an attorney at Lawgistics, an expert in motor vehicle trading, confirmed that private car sales do not comply with blocking regulations.

She said, “It can be seen from the comments on this story that people can easily mistake the instruction for the law.

“The guidelines are about essential travel, but the law is all about asking for a ‘reasonable apology’.

“That said, a private car swap that requires a 100-mile round trip appears to be against both the law and the guidelines.”

CMPG has since expanded on its original tweet, writing, “What we can say is that after this driver stopped for another reason, as mentioned earlier, the facts were enough to legitimately report the driver to court. What these facts are is what we obviously cannot go into in detail about. “


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