Cadbury World gets set for Halloween with 10kg chocolate witch

Two chocolatiers from the tourist attraction Cadbury World have created a witch for this year’s Halloween exhibition – made entirely from recycled chocolate.

It took Donna Oluban and Dawn Jenks just two days to build their creation, which weighs 10kg – or the equivalent of 222 standard sized milk bars.

“Some of the complicated parts we are going to use fresh chocolate, but the bulk of we are using recycled chocolate that would normally go to waste,” said Ms. Oluban.

She added, “We hand carved her face, her tiny hands, and the buckles on her shoes.

“Believe it or not, the actual shape of the witch is a ‘wet floor’ cone of signs!

“We actually filled that with a lot of recycled chocolate, let it set, and then worked out the shape of the actual witch’s body.”

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