Cafe flooded with criticism over remarks about mum and toddler after they left

A cafe publicly shamed a mother and a toddler for making a “mess”.

The cafeteria beat up the parent-child combo for the mess they wreaked during a recent visit.

But it’s fair to say that folks on social media who saw the post from the cafe are a bit divided.

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Corby’s tea rooms in Ramsgate, Kent, told the story of the 11-month-old toddler and mother.

The post stated, “Although we welcome mothers and young children, what we do not welcome is a mess like this with no attempt to help clean up or apologize, and then when asked to say weakly: ‘I left a tip last time’. “

But the mother’s family, who was there with the toddler, has now fought back.

In a passionate post, her sister slammed the café for his reaction.

She wrote: “Absolutely disgusting behavior from a so-called business.

“As if it wasn’t hard enough for young mothers without your sad attempt to publicly shame them not only online but also in your tea room.

“Didn’t seem to have a problem until they paid and tip you.

“Personally, I think by the fact that you’ve deleted your post you are admitting that getting a dustpan and paintbrush might not be such a difficult task.

“But don’t worry, even though you told my sister and her 11 month old baby they weren’t allowed to go into your tea room again, I doubt they’d want to after such disgusting unprofessional behavior.”

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