California won't lift its mask mandate until June 15

California first published its mask requirements almost a year ago – on June 18, AP Photo / Hector Amezcua, Pool

California won’t lift its mask mandate to adapt to new federal recommendations until after June 15, the target date for the state to fully reopen businesses, health officials said Monday.

“This four-week week will give Californians time to prepare for this change as we continue to focus relentlessly on vaccine delivery,” said Mark Ghaly, secretary for health and human services.

This announcement makes California, along with New Jersey, one of the final barriers to revising its mask guidelines after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly announced Thursday that fully vaccinated people can do without masks in most situations . New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday that as of Wednesday, vaccinated New Yorkers will no longer need to wear masks or face covers in most situations.

Governor Gavin. Newsom at a press conference on Friday said the State reviewed its mask guidelines however, underlined that questions about enforcement, guidance to schools and what happens if companies decide to continue to require masks remain open. “There are a number of complexities that we all have to work through,” he said.

California first published its mask requirements almost a year ago – on June 18 the latest updateThe state allowed fully vaccinated people to be maskless outdoors, except at crowded events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events, and to meet other fully vaccinated people indoors without masks.

Bob Wachter, chairman of the medical department at the University of California at San Francisco, agreed with California’s decision to postpone the change. “Good call – just too much virus and too many scruffy people who don’t [wear] Masks for indoor use without a mask to be safe now ” he said on Twitter.

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