Call for Christmas Day circuit breaker to avoid 'digital' festivities

The Bishop of Paisley has called for coronavirus restrictions to be relaxed on Christmas Day.

It comes after National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch said large family gatherings are unlikely this year due to the spread of the coronavirus in Scotland.

John Keenan, who also serves as vice president of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, said tight restrictions on Christmas gatherings “run the risk of destroying all hope”.

While admitting that Prof. Leitch was trying to control expectations, Mr. Keenan wrote in the Sunday Times: “Nobody wants a digital Christmas.

“Suppressing false expectations is one thing, but nobody wants to dampen people’s hopes.”

The bishop asked if a 24-hour breaker could be installed on December 25 and compared it to the armistice on the Western Front during World War I.

He said, “Maybe we should consider a Christmas breaker. A 24-hour lifting of restrictions on gatherings and celebrations, an interruption to the war against Covid, just like the lull in World War I on the Western Front in 1914 when British and German troops laid down their arms and met at No. 1 Man country to celebrate Christmas. “

He added: “Couldn’t we schedule a normal day amid our relentless war on the virus?

“Think of the hope and happiness that would give. A moment of joy amid so much despair.

The bishop also said that “great care” must be taken to protect the vulnerable and the elderly, but heightened the risk of “emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness in the happiest time of the year.”

He continued, “The effects of a depressed and isolated Christmas holiday could be devastating for many, leaving an emotional and social legacy that no vaccine can cure.

“Flattening the infection rate curve has been a laudable goal of government policy this year. Instead of flattening the curve of hope, let’s lift our spirits with the prospect of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. “


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