Call to impose fines for spreading 'nonsensical anti-vax stuff'

Legislation is needed to tackle “nonsensical” conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister says.

Jonathan Ashworth said there should be penalties on social media platforms that allow misinformation to be spread, and he called on the government to bring the Online Damage Act forward.

On Sky’s Sophy Ridge Show, Mr. Ashworth said, “I checked my phone this morning and you can still find things on TikTok and so on.

“So we want to work with the government and find a way to eradicate this. I think that would result in financial penalties. “

He said fewer people who chose the vaccine because of misinformation online are “the last thing we want”.

Mr Ashworth called on the government to look into “some of the dangerous, nonsensical anti-Vax things that have been spreading on social media”.

Some of the “toxic waste” conspiracy theories on social media suggested that the vaccine was being developed by “big global business people trying to use it to microchip people,” he said.


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