Can Andrew Cuomo Become FDR?

Andrew M. Cuomo has quite a moment. With the bully pulpit, made famous by first governor Roosevelt, Theodore, the current governor of the Empire State hopes to come out as the equivalent of our era to second governor Roosevelt, Franklin. It is an amazing, complex transformation that through the Corona virus Melting pot and the nation is banned.

The pandemic is Cuomo’s Great Depression. Unlike our youthful president, Cuomo has been clear, compassionate, and inspiring over the past few weeks. He took Franklin Roosevelt’s words to heart (and to Twitter): “The news gets worse before it gets better, and the American people deserve to get it straight off their shoulders.”

In his daily press conferences, Cuomo does not distract responsibility, but accepts it: “If someone is unhappy, blame me.” Instead of making blanket, silly statements, he’s hyper-specific about everything from the Number of fans The state needs it Number of tests performed. And instead of scoring political points or humorizing free market fundamentalists who argue that stabilizing the economy should take precedence over saving lives, he is eloquent in his clarity. “My mother is not expendable and your mother is not expendable and our brothers and sisters are not expendable. . . We will not give a dollar number to human life. “

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