Can truck drivers strike impact internet purchases?

On Thursday (28), the National Council for the Transport of Goods by Road (CNTRC) announced its decision to indefinitely suspend the activities of self-employed workers and those responsible for the carriage of freight in the country, effective February 1 . The category made clear the dissatisfaction with Petrobras, given the high values ​​of diesel.

The letter, signed by the Board of Directors, explains that the import parity pricing policy is detrimental to the domestic market and the transport sector. According to the CNTRC, 30% of workers will continue to work.

Strike impact

The truckers’ strike in May 2018 can be considered one of the biggest mobilizations of the category in recent decades. The shutdown affected all services in the country and, more directly, e-commerce purchases. At the time, the e-commerce platform, Loja Integrada, spoke with about 450 virtual store owners across Brazil to understand how the strike was affecting the industry.

In the survey, 71.9% of respondents said they struggled to keep up with the delivery schedule to end users, while 83% said sales were noticeably declining. Consumers, on the other hand, see the deadline for receiving their products increased by a few days. As a result, 23.8% of respondents to the survey said canceling purchases was a problem.

This year, some electronic companies are already preparing for the period. According to the consultants at Mercado Livre, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the country, the company “follows the movements of the sector and continues to deliver on time”.

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