Can you use Borax on Colored Clothes? [Must Know!]

Stains are the word that holds a very significant impact in our lives, especially when we are wearing white clothes. We tend to stay alert while slurping up any soup or food. Are there any options to remove the problems of stains on our beloved clothes?

You must have heard the term “borax” but are confused about whether to use it on clothes or not.

Don’t worry!

This article will discuss borax and its compatibility with clothes and stain removal, how it works, and its pros and cons. Let’s start with it!


Can you use borax on colored clothes?

Can you use Borax on Colored Clothes? [Must Know!] 1

Well yes! Borax is a mineral salt that boosts your detergent to clean the clothes, including white and colored garments. You don’t need to worry about color fading or dye removal as borax is safe to use.

You can mix the borax well with your detergent, and you’re done! You are giving the cleaning process a powerful boost to remove the stubborn stains.

Moreover, while putting on your colored cloth for cleaning, read the washing recommendations carefully and then decide what needs to be done.

You can consider 20 make borax for better results for your DIY projects.

  • 20 mule borax: 

20 mule borax is a brand of cleaning manufacturers that deals with incorporating borax into the daily lifestyle of cleaning. The 20 mule borax has 95 % borax mixed with oxygen and sodium, which works best for odor management, washing, and DIY projects.

Is borax safe to use on colored clothes?

Is it safe to use borax on colored clothes, or will borax bleach clothes?

Borax will not bleach the clothes or cause any color bleeding. Borax is generally recommended in the laundry as it is the safest way to remove the stains without harming the fabric.

In simpler terms, you are providing a boost to your laundry detergent to clean better by adjusting the pH levels of the wash that just the laundry detergent cannot offer.

Will borax ruin colored clothes?

No! No! Borax is a compound that guarantees to make your whites whiter and remove all the stains from your fabric, even from the colored clothes. Does borax bleach clothes?

Most people don’t know about their colored fabrics being damaged by using borax. It’s a myth. Borax boosts the cleansing action with the laundry detergent and maintains the softness of the materials. Borax is generally considered to be safe on colored clothes!

Read out the laundry recommendations clearly from its packaging to know whether borax is recommended for that piece of cloth or not.

Does borax fade dark clothes? What happens when you use it?

No! As stated above, borax is an alkaline compound with a 9.5 pH level that acts as a water softener. Borax does not fade dark clothes but strengthens the power of the laundry detergent to clean out the stains properly. Your fabrics are entirely safe.

Not only will the borax make your whites whiter, but it will protect your colored clothes from fading away. Before washing, you have to use borax as a pre-soak solution in warm water, don’t use cold water to remove the stains from the fabric without damaging your colored clothes.

Why can you use borax on colored clothes?

You can easily use borax on colored clothes from black to white and many more. Borax contains hydrogen peroxide that boosts the laundry detergent for better cleaning. Use just the right amount of borax to get the best results. Borax removes the stains and maintains the fabric’s color for a more extended period. Remember how much borax you need to add to the laundry, as the extended limit can lighten your clothes.

Benefits of using borax in the laundry-

  • Whiten your whites:

Being highly alkaline with pH around 9 to 9.5, borax creates a basic solution that removes the acidic stains and makes your whites whiter. Borax not only enhances the abilities of your detergent powder but brightens up the clothes that look entirely newer! Besides your white garments, your colored fabrics also look brand new after washing with borax.

  • Acts as a pH buffer:

As mentioned above, borax has a high alkaline pH of around 9 to 9.5, which acts with the pH of water ( pH at 7) and moves the pH to 8. Thus the slight change in pH of water makes it suitable to clean out the nasty stains and maintain the fabric.

This is why borax is also known as a buffering agent. It moves the pH of the water to 8 and maintains this pH even after you add your detergent or soap.

  • Soften hard water:

Hard water is not considered significant for washing the clothes as it may give them a foul odor and fade-away looks.

So, borax softens the water by undergoing a chemical reaction when exposed to water. How? Borax reacts with magnesium and calcium ions, which causes the hardness of the water test to cancel out these ions from water.

In simpler terms, borax is softening the water by removing the ions. The clothes smell fresh and come out cleaner in soft water.


  • Gets rid of soap scum

Borax gets rid of the hard water by softening it. Hard water tends to bind with the soap, which makes the soap scum accumulate in the clothes. So basically, by softening the water, borax saves the clothes from soap scum accumulation.

  • Remove laundry odors:

Borax removes the problem of laundry odors immediately when it softens the water. Hard water is the leading cause of providing laundry odors. When it is softened, your clothes are automatically shielded from having scents.

How can you use borax on colored clothes?

Borax is a solid yet versatile compound; to use borax on colored clothes, follow the steps:

  • Mix half cup borax in warm water:

Take half a cup of borax and mix it in warm water. Borax gets easily dissolved in warm water instead of cold water. Make sure to use just half the amount of borax because, as mentioned above, an excessive amount of borax can lighten your colored clothes.

  • Damp the clothes:

Rinse the clothes in water and damp the clothes in the borax solution for 30 to 60 minutes before laundering. Make it a pre-soak solution before washing to remove all the nasty stains from the fabric. Borax soak for stains and remove them altogether!

  • Laundering:

After damping the clothes for 30 to 60 minutes, wash them with your laundry detergent, as usual, to remove the stains and brighten up the clothes. You can use the borax solution directly on the spots and leave it for about 30 minutes to get good results.


  • Manual washing: 

Wash out the clothes with detergents or liquid detergent and let them dry! Your colored clothes would brighten up immediately after drying.

Warnings for using borax-

Borax, a solid compound, can be great for clothes but not so great for the skin. Borax can cause skin irritation or allergy, so it is recommended to be kept out of use by children. Always wear gloves while dealing with borax to protect your skin from ranges. Moreover, avoid using borax on lycra fabrics as this fabric can get damaged from high pH compounds such as borax.


  • Does borax harm color clothes?

No! Borax doesn’t harm colored clothes. Borax removes the stain from the clothes and doesn’t bleach out the fabric. Is borax safe for laundry? Well, yes, it is! Follow the above-provided procedure to get the best results.

  • Does borax also discolor fabrics?

If you use the borax in a moderate amount, then it will not; however, if you use an excessive amount of borax on the fabric, it may lead to the lightening of the clothes due to its high pH value.

  • Also, will borax eliminate color bleeding?

Well, yes! Borax can eliminate color bleeding of the fabric if you follow the laundry procedure well. Use warm water with borax, make a solution, and spread it all over the color bleeding; follow the manual washing and drying, and you are done!

  • How do I dissolve borax in clothes?

Make a pre-soak solution with borax and warm water and rinse your clothes in it. Leave the clothes for 30 minutes in the solution, then wash as usual. The borax would dissolve entirely in clothes, provide a fresh smell, and clean laundry.


Undoubtedly, borax can easily be used on colored clothes. You need to follow the procedure to achieve the best results. Borax acts as a pH buffer to remove all the nasty stains from your clothes without fading away the fabric’s feel and color. Now, you don’t have to worry about the stains anymore; apply the borax solution in moderation and wash your clothes!

Keep washing!

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