Captain Tom's daughters' heartbreaking tribute following death of NHS hero

Captain Sir Tom Moore has died at the age of 100 after testing positive for Covid-19. This has been confirmed by his daughters Hannah and Lucy in a statement.

The NHS charity hero was admitted to Bedford Hospital on Sunday (January 31), where he had also been treated for pneumonia.

She became famous during the first lockdown in England when the WWII veteran took his body into the garden of his home and began to run.

The 100-year-old wanted to raise £ 1,000 before his birthday – he ended up raising more than £ 30 million for the NHS.

After his death on Tuesday (February 2), his daughters Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira published the following statement:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear father, Captain Sir Tom Moore.

“We are so grateful that we were with him in the last hours of his life. Hannah, Benjie and Georgia next to his bed and Lucy on FaceTime.

“We talked to him for hours and remembered our childhood and our wonderful mother.

“We shared laughter and tears together.

“The last year of our father’s life was nothing short of remarkable. He was rejuvenated and experienced things that he had only dreamed of.

“While he was in so many hearts for only a short time, he was an incredible father and grandfather, and he will stay alive in our hearts forever.

“The care our father has received from the NHS and carers over the last few weeks and years of his life has been exceptional.

“You’ve been steadfastly professional, kind, and compassionate, and we’ve spent many more years with him than we’d ever imagined.

“In the last few days our father has talked a lot about the past 12 months and how proud he was to be able to leave the growing legacy of his foundation behind.

“We kindly ask for privacy at this point so that we as a family can quietly mourn and remember the wonderful 100 years that our father had.”


Information released on behalf of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family showed that he tested positive for Covid-19 on January 22, after returning home from hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The statement states that Sir Tom was regularly tested for Covid-19 between December 9 and January 12 and every test was negative.

“He was hospitalized on January 12th. He was diagnosed with pneumonia while he was in the hospital. In addition, like other patients, he was regularly tested for Covid-19.

On January 22nd, Tom was released from the hospital back to the family home where he was most comfortable.

“Unfortunately, he was still battling pneumonia and tested positive for Covid-19 that day.

“He stayed home and was cared for by family members and medical professionals until he needed extra help with breathing. He was rushed to Bedford Hospital by ambulance on Sunday January 31st.

“Tom could have visitors who said goodbye to him at the end of his life.

“Last night his daughter Hannah and grandchildren Benjie and Georgia could be by his side and his daughter Lucy could talk to him on FaceTime.”


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