Cardi B says celebrities are causing confusion about coronavirus testing

Rapper Cardi B says celebrities they’ve made public tested positive for the coronavirus without having symptoms confuse the general public.

In a more than four-minute video on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Bronx rapper said that “45”, referring to President Donald Trump, advised people not to get tested for COVID-19, the disease related with the coronavirus, if they have no symptoms.

“But when a celebrity says,” Hey, listen up. I have no symptoms. I’m feeling good. I feel healthy. I’m not in the mood for anything, but I went and got tested and I’m positive for the coronavirus, “That causes confusion,” she said in the vigorous video in which she wears a mask.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, said “the general public, people who have regular jobs, people who receive normal pay, the middle class, the poor … they are not treated like celebrities.”

She said it could take days for the average person to receive their test results – if they are already being tested – which was not the case for some celebrities, politicians and professional athletes.

“The coronavirus is very real,” she said.

Cardi B went on to say she knows someone under the age of 30 who sought treatment and was told, “If you don’t have a cold for eight days, you can’t get tested.”

People in their 40s, 50s, and 60s have less trouble getting tested, the rapper claimed in the video. She also had problems with people who are not famous and who test positive for the coronavirus sent home by medical professionals and told to quarantine herself.

“Where do they think they send people home?” she asked. “Everyone doesn’t have the luxury … to go into a big house and just stay away from people.”

“Many people live in small apartments with several people,” she said.

Living under such conditions helps the virus to spread, she added.

Cardi B did not mention celebrities in her video, but emphasized that many people cannot afford to get tested.

Tom Hanks was the first prominent figure to say he had the virus. In a statement on March 11, Hanks said that he and his wife, Rita, were in Australia where he would be filming a movie when they tested positive.

“We felt a little tired, like we had a cold, and some body aches,” Hanks said in the statement. “Rita had some chills coming and going. Also a slight fever. To play things well, as is now necessary in the world, we were tested for the corona virus and found positive.”

Since then, other celebrities have been like actor Idris Elba and NBA star Kevin Durant have said they tested positive for the coronavirus. Neither Elba nor Durant showed any symptoms.

Cardi B concluded her video by saying that the government should pay the bill for people to be tested and treated for the corona virus.

“At the end of the day, this sh … could have been prevented a few months ago when they found out about this sh …” seeing what was going on in China, she said, adding that it was the fault was from the rulers the virus entered the United States.

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