Care home visitors still face strict rules for another month

The rules for visiting relatives in a nursing home will not be relaxed for at least another month, although almost all residents are receiving the Covid vaccine.

At present, face-to-face visits to nursing homes indoors are all but forbidden, with the exception of “exceptional cases” such as dying residents.

Other visits “should, wherever possible, take place in the open air,” state government guidelines despite the winter Weather.

Now Downing Street has indicated that the rules on visits will not be changed until there is a plan to change other lockout rules and reports The mirror.

A plan to ease the lockdown is due to be released in the week of February 22nd. The schools are not expected to reopen until March 8th. This suggests that visits to nursing homes could be changed in the week of February 22, but at a later date, seems more likely.

This can be done under a cover such as an awning, gazebo, or open marquee, or through a plastic tray or one side of a window.

People and their vulnerable relatives must also always be two meters apart.

When asked when people might see their loved ones in nursing homes, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said, “You know the schedule for the data review in mid-February, the week starting February 15.

“And you know we will come up with our plan in the next week.

“Obviously, it takes a while for people to develop immunity after vaccination.

“But obviously we’ll be looking at this in mid-February when we start reviewing lockdown restrictions.”

“People who die of loneliness”

Spokeswoman Fiona Carragher said, “Isn’t one push enough in combination with PPE and testing? If not, what must be left?

“An additional 12 week waiting period is not acceptable for people dying of loneliness.”

It takes a few weeks to build immunity from an initial dose of the Coronavirus Vaccine and immunity only reach full strength after a second dose.

The second dose of the burst will be given 12 weeks after the first in a controversial policy in England, so it may not end in nursing homes until April.

Care home visitors still face strict rules for another month 1

Number 10 wouldn’t say if the restrictions on nursing home visits would extend into spring.

However, the spokesman said: “Visits to nursing homes can take place under current regulations.

“Guidelines have been set so that nursing homes can use screens or pods or behind windows.

“Obviously, indoor visits with close contact are not allowed, and visits are not allowed if an outbreak occurs in these nursing homes.

“But there are guides to facilitate visits in the way I just outlined.”

Mr Hancock was expected to offer the sting to all residents of nursing homes in England – with the exception of homes that have a Covid outbreak.

There was confusion as to whether the government had achieved its goal of offering shocks to all staff in nursing homes in England by January 31st.

Previously, Minister of Nursing Helen Whately said the staff was still working through.

When questioned by journalists later, Boris Johnson’s official spokesman then claimed that the goal had been achieved.

He said, “You will see official numbers that will be released later today. I expect them to confirm that we offered the vaccine to residents and staff.”

When asked again if this meant all staff in all nursing homes, he said, “There are residents and staff in every eligible nursing home across England.”

When asked again whether that means all employees in all nursing homes, he said: “Yes.

“But as I said, there will be a small number of nursing homes whose visits and vaccinations have had to be delayed a little due to outbreaks in some nursing homes. These will be visited and poked as soon as it’s okay for NHS staff.”

The spokesman said the first doses of the shock went to nearly 90% of those over 80 and a total of 8.9 million people.


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