Carer raided homes of former clients while armed with a knife

A former nurse who carried out horrific raids on former clients’ homes, armed with a knife, has been detained for 10 years.

Aatish Popat, 39, learned about the design of old people’s homes during visits as a carer.

He later returned to the Leicester estate – once armed with a blade to threaten retirees and steal cash.

A terrified 94-year-old victim thought “I’m done” when a hooded and masked man entered his home with a large knife and ordered him to hand over his money Leicestershire Live.

Popat pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, once for burglary and once for possession of a Class B drug.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison after serving at least seven years at Leicester Crown Court on Friday, November 19.

The court heard Popat struck on September 1 when an elderly gentleman said he had been confronted with a large knife by a masked man

Video surveillance was secured that captured the suspect approaching the property and unlocking the front door.

Leaving the property, he was seen getting into a vehicle registered on Popat.

Popat was arrested, charged, and remanded at his home address on suspicion of the crime.

On July 1, detectives identified similarities with another break-in, in which property was stolen from a different address.

Cash, bank cards and a digital camera were taken from the address while the resident, a disabled man, sat outside on a balcony.

Recordings from a nearby doorbell camera again showed a masked man of a similar nature who entered the apartment and left three minutes later with the stolen property.

The foster home that cares for both victims was approached by the police and confirmed that Popat worked for them between October 2020 and May 2021.

He had visited these two men during his time with them.

Popat was arrested again and charged with the additional crime after his fingerprint was found on a bedroom door – a room that carers had no reason to enter.

The drug charge related to a lot of cannabis found in Popat’s house when it was searched by officials.

Leicestershire Police Department Detective Sergeant Paul Woods said: “Popat was clearly targeting these victims who were aware of their vulnerabilities and using them for his own financial gain.

“Thanks to excellent detective work in compiling evidence that showed Popat was responsible for not one but two break-ins, we were able to bring charges and bring him to justice for his callous actions.”

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