Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford's Love Story Should Actually Become a Movie

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford's Love Story Should Actually Become a Movie

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford have been married since 2012, but their love story started many years ago. It actually started when they were kids, which is so sweet we can hardly bear it. Marcus, from the band Mumford and Sons, and Carey apparently went to the same church camp when they were young and kept in touch as pen friends for a while before losing touch. Yes, these two used to write old fashioned notes.

However, they went further and dated other people before meeting again in 2011. Carey showed up with Jake Gyllenhaal in tow at a Mumford and Sons party in the United States and Marcus and Carey were spotted together shortly after looks quite popular. From then on, it was a whirlwind romance – the two were married the following year and now have two children, Evelyn and Wilfred.

What’s even sweeter is that, Carey said The Telegraph even after they got married they did values ​​love notes, and that the two would still sometimes write them together.

And despite how busy their careers are, this couple always supports each other. Aside from sending each other’s love notes, Carey shows up on Mumford and Sons shows whenever she can, and Marcus is Carey’s biggest cheerleader for all of her roles. Carey even helped Marcus with his recent Instagram debut by directing his videos for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonconcerts from home. Marcus shared his outtakes on Instagram, saying that his kids are screaming, his dog is barking, and his wife is directing the video and jokingly asks what can go wrong.

That is quite a mood and we love it.

The couple are usually low-key, but we hope that now that Marcus has joined Instagram, we’ll get some adorable photos of his home life – including photos with Carey (and the kids and the dog, of course). But if nothing else, we’re just happy to know that these two long-lost pen friends eventually found love.


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