Caribbean cruise passengers forced to isolate in rooms as Covid outbreak sweeps ship

Vacationers dumped thousands for the 22-day voyage aboard the Cunard-owned Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, but one said they felt “like lepers” because of the virus outbreak.

The trip started on December 13th in Southampton (file photo) (

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British passengers on a luxury cruise between the Caribbean and New York were forced to travel in isolation in their cabins following a Covid outbreak.

Vacationers dumped thousands for the 22-day voyage aboard Cunard’s-owned cruise ship Queen Mary 2, but one said they felt “like lepers.”

The voyage started in Southampton on December 13, but when crossing the Atlantic on the first leg, it was reported that a number of passengers and crew members tested positive before arriving in NYC.

Only negative passengers could get off for the three-day layover.

The ship is said to have been completely turned away from its next two planned destinations in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and Basseterre in St. Kitts because of the infections.

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Several passengers tested positive (file photo)



By the time QM2 reached Barbados – where docking was allowed – most passengers were unable to disembark and reportedly had to spend days in their cabins without leaving, it is said.

The luxury ship stayed in port for three days, missed three further stops in Roseau on Dominica, Philipsburg in the Netherlands Antilles and a second stop in New York.

It is now going straight back to Southampton and is due to arrive this weekend.

The positive cases among staff also meant conditions quickly deteriorated and new crew members had to be brought on board for the return to the UK, it said.

Christine Martine, 66, of Angmering, West Sussex, and husband Richard, 70, both tested positive



Allegedly, the passengers were fed cold meals from paper plates instead of the luxury goods they had paid for.

Christine Martine, 66, of Angmering, West Sussex, and husband Richard, 70, both tested positive on December 28th.

They had paid nearly £ 10,000 for the vacation and had spent the trip locked in their room with very mild to no symptoms.

Christine told MailOnline : “It was pretty miserable. We have a balcony for fresh air, but nowhere for sports.

“It’s hard to say exactly how many people tested positive because they didn’t tell us, but friends who are still allowed to use the dining rooms tell us they’re spooky.

“The captain speaks regularly to the passengers on the Tannoy, but never mentions us – the positive passengers – not even a Happy New Year. We feel like lepers. “

She claimed they were being served “egg-cold” food on paper plates.

The couple was stabbed three times and said it was frustrating to be incarcerated for so long with the vaccinations “doing their intended jobs” and keeping them from getting seriously ill.

Cunard issued a statement (file photo)



A statement from Cunard said: “Cunard / P&O Cruises has an approved framework of improved protocols to best protect and best against Covid-19 for the health and wellbeing of guests, crew and the communities we visit administer.

“This framework provides for all guests and crew to be fully vaccinated, as well as pre-boarding tests and on-board tests as required by certain ports of call.

“Similar to all international trips, a guest who tests positive for Covid-19 on board and his close contacts will be isolated for the benefit of his and other guests.

“All isolated guests can request room service from the entire dining room and the menus in the cabins at any time and are supported by the ship’s crew during the entire time.

“Our medical teams on board will then determine, based on the requirements of the local port authority / port health, whether the guests should stay on board or disembark during their isolation time.

“In situations where guests have to leave the ship, we will ensure the most suitable accommodation to continue the period of isolation.

“In most cases, these are pre-determined hotels that have been identified as capable of receiving positive cases of Covid-19.

“All guests who find themselves under these circumstances are continuously and directly supported by our dedicated support team.”

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