CarKey: The Feature On Iphone Is Coming To Android Devices!

Car key good news came to Android 12 users. The digital car key Car key can be used in 2022 and about 2021 model vehicles.

A similar move came from Google last year after Apple released the Car key function, with which it can convert iPhone models into car keys. The Android 12 Car key feature, which was introduced as part of the I / O 2021 event and made available to developers in beta, was introduced.

Likewise with Apple, it worked primarily with BMW at Google.

Android 12 comes with CarKey feature

According to Sameer Samat, vice president of Android and Google Play PM, digital car keys will be available on select Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones later this year. However, the company has not clearly announced which phone models Car key will come. Naturally, other car brands will be supported in the future.

Google’s move follows the Car key development introduced by Apple last year. Currently, iPhone and Apple Watch have the Car key function, i.e. a digital car key. This feature, which is part of iOS 14, works via NFC. Vehicle users with NFC technology unlock their car by touching the door with their phone. The phone communicates with an NFC reader which is usually located on the car’s door handle.

The digital switch has Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. This allows the antenna in your phone to find and identify objects equipped with UWB transmitters. This way you can lock and unlock your car without removing your phone. Google also stated that users will use the Car key with those they know.

A growing number of car manufacturers have developed their own apps that can also control certain functions, such as remote locking and unlocking. The biggest advantage, according to Google, is that they offer the digital car key Car key on the mobile operating system. This way, users do not need to download an application.

Finally, Google announced that they are expanding the quick link feature. This feature allows users to pair their device with other products, including vehicles, via Bluetooth with a single tap. Sameer Samat said the feature will be available for many devices in the coming months, including Beats headsets and BMW and Ford cars.

What do you think of the Android 12 Car key feature? Do you think it will be functional? We await your comments …

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