Caroline Crouch 'died in extreme distress' as she was 'smothered' by husband

British mother Caroline Crouch’s smartwatch showed her pulse rate of 50 percent when she was suffocated with a pillow by her husband for five minutes and “died of extreme stress”.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, has admitted killing Caroline, 20, on May 11 after resenting her threat to divorce him and go out with her daughter Lydia.

A doctor upon her exam said her smartwatch showed that her heart started racing after she was likely to sleep at 3:58 a.m., according to the local media site Amna.

The medic said, “At 4:05 am, their pulse rises suddenly by 50 percent from their sleep state. I believe the person was in an extremely mental or physical state of stress at that time.”

It was found that “the death process took place from 4:05 am to 4:11 am”.

Anagnostopoulos had told the police that Caroline had beaten him and upset him.

He has admitted he orchestrated a fake robbery when he discovered his wife was dead and claimed he was trying to raise their daughter out of jail.

Anagnostopoulos claimed he killed her dog, a seven-month-old husky puppy, to make the robbery more plausible, it said in Greece.

In his testimony to the police, Anagnostopoulos is said to have said: “I was thinking of making one last attempt at it [Lydia] could at least grow up with her father.

Anagnostopoulos is also believed to have killed the family's puppy to make it look more like a robbery

“I was thinking of leaving [Caroline’s] Body, but it was impossible for me. I just looked at her and cried.

“The next thing I thought was saying that someone else did. I would tell the police that robbers broke into the house. I was in a panic. Not knowing what to do to believe that renegade robbers had invaded, I had to hurt the dog.

“Nobody would have thought that I could harm a dog.”

The police have a diary of Caroline with entries suggesting an unhappy and violent marriage in which she tried to leave him.

Caroline's diary entries suggest an unhappy marriage in which she tried to leave Anagnostopoulos

In July 2020, she reportedly said for the first time that she would leave Anagnostopoulos when her baby was a month old.

Caroline was a black belted kickboxer, and other diary comments include fights between the two, including one where she “hit him and broke a door”.

Anagnostopoulos admitted killing Caroline before appearing in court and faces life imprisonment if convicted of murder.

Just hours before his confession last Wednesday, Anagnostopoulos was seen hugging Caroline’s mother at a funeral service.


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