Catching Up with the Jetsons: NASA Begins Tests of All-Electric Flying Taxi

NASA has started test flights for “flying taxis”, which it has been working on for a long time. All-electric aircraft are being developed by Joby Aviation for test flights.
The concept of the ‘flying taxi’ is an exciting topic that has been discussed and worked on for years. While we know we won’t be seeing small planes as taxis anytime soon, every study on the subject makes us even more excited about the sights that may come our way in the future.

NASA is one of the institutions that conducts important studies for the concept of ‘flying taxi’. For the ‘flying taxis’ he works together with Joby Aviation, an aviation company that aimed to launch. The test flights, which were started as a result of long-term studies, use the so-called electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

NASA’s goal is to plan for the future:

The purpose of the test flight, which will be conducted in conjunction with: NASAs Joby Aviation, is “to model future airspace concepts and to collect vehicle performance and acoustic data for use in simulations”. This gives us an idea of ​​all the scenarios that we will encounter if ‘flying taxis’ are incorporated into our lives in the future. In addition, the tests will provide air taxi usage data for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The aim of Joby Aviation is to use the aircraft it has developed for commercial purposes in the coming years. To measure all the effects of this use, NASA will control the sound of the aircraft with a system consisting of 50 microphones. In addition, all aircraft movements and communication with the air traffic controllers are also examined.

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