CCTV shows farmer wrestle and strangle wild wolf 'with his bare hands'

According to reports, a farmer fought a huge wild wolf, completely unarmed, before strangling him to death “with his bare hands”.

Terrifying CCTV footage captures the moment the farmer in Eastern Russia was attacked and bitten by the wolf.

The grainy three-minute video shows the two fights in the snow as the farmer took revenge on the animal believed to have killed two of his dogs.

The nameless farmer feared that the wolf, which is also believed to have attacked his horse, would pose a threat to his livestock.

The brave man was reportedly unarmed when he grabbed the animal by the neck before beating it repeatedly.

“The farmer didn’t have time to pick up his rifle and got into a fight with the animal with his bare hands,” one report said.

The wounded man who posed with the dead wolf will be tested for rabies after the attack.

Mass animal vaccinations were carried out in the village of Novotroitskoye, southwest of Birobidzhan, the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia.

Wolf in the snow

Villagers say wolf attacks on guard dogs and farm animals are becoming more common after the destruction of the area’s forests.

One villager said, “The forests are being destroyed and burned down, causing wolves to lose their usual prey.

“That is completely human’s fault….

“It’s like the wolves have become homeless. That’s why they leave the forest.”

Galina Dzyuba, the region’s chief veterinarian, said tests were underway to see if the killed wolf was rabid.

“We should know the exact reason for the attack soon,” she said.

“Did it happen because the wolf ran out of food or was sick?”


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