CCTV shows home invaders were actually a 'ninja' bunny

A vet feared intruders would come into her house at night – until CCTV revealed that her ‘ninja’ rabbit was jumping off the wall at high speed to jump out of her enclosure like a ‘jack in the box’.

Kirsty Evans and her family feared a burglar was rummaging around their house when they were woken up earlier last week by their dog barking noises from their bathroom.

Mom Susan Cross, 56, was about to grab something to defend herself until Kirsty and sister Amy Evans, 23, discovered that their 12-week-old rabbit, Honey, was somehow out of their enclosure.

Although she was put back in her pen under the stairs, the sly bunny found his way outside four times before 8 a.m. and left the tired Kirsty baffled by the escapology of her pet.

The 19-year-old set up a motion camera the following night and was shocked to see Honey climb the gate effortlessly in less than a second, even though it was seven times larger than her petite four inches.

The video shows how her little rabbit makes a standing jump on a vertical wall and then quickly jumps over the gate into the empty hallway at 9:16 p.m.

CCTV shows home invaders were actually a 'ninja' bunny 1

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Although Kirsty lost sleep over honey antics, she has since seen the funny page, and hundreds of Facebook users have done so when they responded to praise their pet’s “ninja skills”.

Kirsty of Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales said: “I never thought she would come out like this. I couldn’t believe it.

“I thought she might have pulled the bolt or got through a gap because she’s so small but won’t jump off the wall. She was like Houdini. I didn’t even know she could get up.

Honey startled the family after jumping out of their enclosure in the middle of the night

“I started a camera that looked like a baby monitor and saw it in bed. It just lifted off where it was. I like the way it just climbed against the wall. It is like that smart and it was so quick.

“We’ve only had her for three weeks, but now she’s following me like a shadow everywhere and I think she recognized where we sleep and she probably just wanted to be with us.

“We heard something that night and my dog ​​woke me up barking. I was so scared. I literally thought we were going to be broken into.

“My mom heard something and she was ready to grab something before my sister went into the bathroom and saw Honey stick her head in the door.

“She put it back, but Honey just kept running and when I got out of bed ready for work, she just waited for me in front of my door. It happened about five times.

Stunned Katie compared her rabbit's exploits to Harry Houdini

“It was horrible because I had work the next day and I just wanted to find out how to get it out.”

Kirsty has since increased the height of the pen to prevent Honey from escaping, and she hasn’t done that since the night it was shot.

The family has another rabbit, seven-month-old Bailey, but he’s big enough not to escape through the bars of their only cage, so he sleeps in Kirsty’s room.

Kirsty says despite the sleepless night and pen improvisation, her family is excited for Honey to mix her energies with Bailey when she is neutered.

The 19-year-old used social media to tell her remarkable story

The 19-year-old’s Facebook post showing Honey escaping into a group for rabbit owners was replied to and commented on more than 500 times.

Kirsty’s post said, “I honestly can’t stop laughing! My 12 week old rabbit goes into a pen at night and she’s escaped a few times now so we finally caught her. Naughty bunny.”

One member commented: “OMG.” That’s cute, but fun at the same time. “

A second said, “Olympic level jumping right there.”

A third added, “So cute. Bunnies are the best. She’s a ninja bunny.”

Another tagged a friend and said, “Look at that parkour bunny.”


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