Celebrities react after Piers Morgan quits Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan’s decision to leave Good Morning Britain was received differently by celebrities – while Kevin Pietersen and Sharon Osbourne were among those exchanging messages of support.

The presenter stormed off the set of the newscast Tuesday after a heated discussion with colleague Alex Beresford over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s television interview with Oprah Winfrey.

A statement from ITV on Monday evening confirmed that the outspoken broadcaster would be leaving the show.

Former English cricketer Pietersen, who had received support from Morgan in the past after a controversial exit from the national team, was full of praise for the presenter.

“I don’t know @piersmorgan on TV or Twitter. He’s one fucking legend who is loyal, funny, caring and so good fun to be around! “Pietersen tweeted.

“Hope you are fine buddy! #TeamPiers”.

Former X-Factor judge Sharon Osbourne meanwhile said she would “stand by” Morgan.

“@Piersmorgan I’m with you. I stand by you. People forget that you get paid for your opinion and only tell your truth, ”she wrote.

Even Gary Lineker, who publicly dealt with Morgan, was compassionate.

“Whether it’s a football manager, a television presenter or a job, it’s always sad when someone loses their job,” he wrote.

“@Piersmorgan is great at what he does and I’m sure he will be back on TV soon.”

BBC breakfast presenter Dan Walker, who has shared a lot with his ITV rival on Twitter, invited him “to come on the UK’s number 1 breakfast show” to discuss his departure.

“Sorry to hear the news of your departure from GMB @piersmorgan,” he tweeted.

“If you want to come to the number 1 UK breakfast show and talk about it, we could make some space for you in the morning.”

He later added, “I know Piers a little from television and have always found him great company (as I’ve said many times before). I’m sure under the fluff, guff, and the occasional bile there’s a decent one Guy is fighting to get out.

“I’ll miss our tournament and I’m sure we’ll see him back on the box soon.”

Others seemed less sympathetic than Jedward’s account, “Tomorrow will definitely be a good morning Britain!” while Lord Alan Sugar wrote: “@piersmorgan has pushed his luck. I think he might have something else in line to watch this room. “

Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, meanwhile, assumed a cautious tone.

He wrote: “For whatever you think he’s wrong (which is opinion polls), few will be more pleased to see @piersmorgan leave than ministers who no longer face him.”

“GMB always lost the rating war to the BBC, but more was talked about. Murdoch or GB News will bite off his hand. “

Comedian David Schneider was less diplomatic but made a similar point.

“Can the free-bullying, sexist, Meghan-obsessed Piers Morgan step down and remain the one who is so good at holding the government accountable?” he tweeted.

Actress and host @RealDeniseWelch simply wrote, “Piers Morgan. That’s a wrap. “

And former Star Trek actor George Takei said, “Piers Morgan apparently canceled. Cancel culture! “

An ITV statement said: “After speaking to ITV, Piers Morgan has decided that now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain. ITV accepted this decision and nothing more to add. “


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