CES 2021: LG strengthens its Smart TV lineup

Virtual influencers, phones with a retractable screen and image-focused artificial intelligence. South Korean company LG Electronics under the slogan Life is ON – Make Yourself at Home, presented at CES 2021, which is being developed remotely, its own vision of an interconnected lifestyle. During the press event, the company presented its new line of products and services.

The presentation started with gadgets aimed at cleaning the air through the LG PuriCare line, where we can now find portable air purifiers, as a mask or in some sort of bag cleaner.

They later gave way to their TrueSteam technologies that they used in their laundry or dishwashing systems, as well as in their LG CordZero to clean surfaces.

As for the device, the South Korean brand focused its efforts on the InstaView patent, which allows us to observe the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it to avoid higher energy consumption. Another novelty is that part of these refrigerators will make it possible to make spherical ice cubes and will integrate UV technologies into the water dispensers.

In the laundry department, they presented the LG WashTower, a single piece that allows you to wash and dry with artificial intelligence aggregates and advanced systems that will optimize this process.


In this section they presented a new LG OLED Evo panel technology with better image processors in the same way with artificial intelligence and a redesign of the webOS interface.

These new televisions, ranging from 55 “to 77”, promise to enhance images significantly thanks to their new ninth generation Alpha 9 processor capable of rescaling content and scenes through deep learning and adapting to the environment. projects the screen.

This processor will also improve the sound of simple sources by emulating 5.1.2 channel outputs to generate a more immersive experience, it will also be able to level the volume of the sources to avoid the annoying accidental audio rises of the source sources themselves.

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