Champagne, wine, gin and whisky could be in short supply over Christmas due to truck driver shortage

Brits could face drinking problems over Christmas due to truck drivers shortages and blocked ports.

It has been reported that champagne, wine, gin, and whiskey may be hard to come by in supermarkets.

It could also prove to be a problem for people’s most popular Christmas beverages, however, as festive staples mulled wine and Bucks fizzy drinks could also be affected, the Sun reports.

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Concerned alcohol producers have written to the government warning of shortages and price increases.

A letter organized by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association calls for action “to prevent some of our favorite drinks from disappearing from the UK supermarket shelves”.

Delivery times are five times longer than a year ago – an average of 15 days instead of the usual two or three – which means enormous bottlenecks in order to get alcohol on the shelves in time for the holidays.

The higher cost of transporting alcohol to the UK and then from ports to depots and to supermarkets has increased by seven percent.

Some big brands can absorb this, but many, especially smaller ones, pass it on to customers.

Beer and other beverages are expected to be fully stocked on the shelves as usual.

The WSTA said wine and liquor shelves are also being filled – but shoppers may not have the same choices they are used to.

Manchester-based Kingsland, one of the UK’s three largest wine producers, was one of the signatures on the letter.

They fill 140 million liters annually – mostly own brands for large supermarkets.

Managing Director Ed Baker said, “We bottle two and a half to three million liters a week – that’s a little less than normal due to supply chain problems.

“We’ve had raids bringing wine from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. “That was due to the lack of shopping containers and then to traffic jams in the ports.”

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