Changes In Twitter: Why The Timeline Is Split In Two

Twitter: When it all started on Twitter we were very good: the last message we posted or uploaded by a contact or account we followed was the first to be read, period. but then Twitter began to redesign the timeline, making it more confusing, more challenging to give space to the most revealing content chosen by the platform’s own algorithms, and thus ‘optimize’ the way we saw tweets.

Not long ago it gave us the option again to have the timeline ordered chronologically. And now redraw that timeline again.

The new Twitter timeline

Twitter has redesigned the home page once again, and it now appears ‘departed’, showing two tabs: home and recents, between which the user can move to review all posts. Being tabs, you have both on the screen at all times. The latest ‘tweets’ tab is configurable, that is, you have the possibility to pin it (or unpin it) at the top to have it at your fingertips.

And it’s that by default, Twitter shows the tweets on the home screen according to the application’s algorithm. This change can be seen on the iOS version of Twitter, and will soon be coming to the Android version and the web version of Twitter as well. Will users like it? Or will it be another redesign with negative feedback?

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