Charles calls for 'war-like footing' to tackle climate crisis

The Prince of Wales will argue that a “war-like foundation” is required to tackle the climate crisis when he opens the Cop26 summit.

Charles is expected to call for a “grand, military-style campaign” to address urgent environmental issues.

The royal, who has tried for decades to draw attention to the growing crisis, will speak tomorrow (November 1st) at the opening ceremony of the grand conference in Glasgow.

He is expected to stress the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis and say, “We have to put ourselves on what is known as a war-like foundation.”

He will continue to urge executives around the world to systematically engage with business to solve the world’s climate problems.

He is expected to say, “We need a huge, military-style campaign to mobilize the strength of the global private sector, with trillions at its disposal.”

Charles also gave a speech in Rome today (October 31) to the leaders of the G20 summit.

During these remarks, he described Cop26 as a “last chance saloon” because he called for “fine words” to be translated into “even finer deeds”.

He told politicians gathered in the Italian capital that the private sector was “eager” to work with them and “ready to play a hugely important and groundbreaking role”, saying that solutions to important problems “only seem possible if they can goes much closer ”. Partnership between the government, major multilateral banks, the private sector and its investors ”.

He added, “I am finally feeling a change in attitudes and a positive dynamic building.”

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