Charles thinks epic pub crawl with free beer would be fun

Prince Charles has said he thinks an epic UK pub crawl – with free beer – would be fun.

The heir to the throne made the claim when he took a sip in a drunkard from south London, aptly named Prince of Wales.

He poured himself a glass of Sambrooks Bitter at the Prince of Wales Pub in Old Clapham and pulled up his face mask for a sip.

And then he said he always thought it would be fun to go to every Prince of Wales pub in the country and joked about a “free drink.”

The Duke of Cornwall and Duchess Camilla admired the eclectic decorations in the pub and pointed to a Toby pitcher belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh that the landlord did not know he had in his collection.

The royal couple were happy to go behind the bar and the prince was in the spirit of the beer brewing and said, “I think that’s probably enough. Would you say go ahead?”

He joked that he wouldn’t drink it all, then took a sip while Camilla watched.

Looking at the various items hanging in the pub – including traffic lights, an inflatable palm tree and a didgeridoo – he spotted a pair of boots and joked, “What happened to the owner of the boots?”

It was a sunny day for the couple visiting the area, and the Duchess, wearing a summer silk-patterned dress by Fiona Clare, said it was nice to be outside.

Pub landlord Dermot Connell said it was exciting to ‘get the Prince of Wales to the Prince of Wales’, adding,’ It’s good that he’s out and about showing people it’s safe now, to be in the pubs. “

When Connell talked about Charles going behind the bar and having a beer, Connell said, “They thought we might have to push him, but he volunteered.”

When asked if he was enjoying his sip, Mr. Connell said, “He seemed to like it.”

Charles and Camilla’s visit to the area, which included stints at a Michelin-starred restaurant, theater, florist, hairdresser, pet store, and fire station, was almost reminiscent of pre-Covid engagements.

The couple’s visits appear to be getting back to normal – they also mingled with the public in Northern Ireland last week.

However, there were still signs of an ongoing pandemic as everyone inside clapham wore masks.

Charles and Camilla’s first stop was the renowned Trinity Restaurant, where they met staff and representatives of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

Outside the restaurant they chatted with local suppliers – M Moen & Sons Butchers and Moxon’s Fishmongers.

The butcher had a sizable selection of mutton on display, Camilla called it “my husband’s favorite”, and Charles could say that mutton is “so much better than lamb”.

In the restaurant they met the Trinity front of the house staff and the cooking team.

The couple also met staff at the Omnibus Theater before walking down the hill and past a number of independent shops and businesses.

By the time they finished their walk at the Clapham Fire Station, where they greeted firefighters and thanked them for their service, a crowd of onlookers had gathered hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal visitors.

The couple’s visit was to celebrate the high street, as figures from the British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) show that a fifth of the independents did not reopen after the initial lockdown.

Numbers show that visitor numbers are still down 25% from the same time before the April 2019 pandemic, despite lockdown restrictions being lifted.


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