Charm City Kings Movie Review: Jahi Di’Allo’s Amazing Performance

Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, Charm City Kings is a 2020 film based on a popular documentary series. After the release of the film, it received numerous ratings and great ratings from the audience.

Movies often leave the fans with great glory and remind you of certain things that you miss in life. Charm City Kings is a recently released show that evokes the memories of West Baltimore city.

The film follows the lives of the people who ride dirt bikes driven by young men and women. It gives you a very different vibe and energy that follows throughout the story.

You could definitely feel a very different kind of energy and take you to a completely different world. The story revolves around Mouse, a 14-year-old boy who is obsessed with bicycles and often likes to hang out with the adults in the garage and on the street.

Fans have loved the series so far and this leads the viewers to believe that the film series has such simplicity and elegance to look for. If you are one of those people who haven’t seen this movie series yet, you should wait for it to be released. In this article, we are going to read about the film in detail.

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Charm City Kings: Review

Charm City Kings Updates

A film that would tell the children and inspire them to follow their dreams. Charm City Kings largely follows the life of a young boy who is passionate enough and wants to turn his life into dirt bikes. The coming-of-age drama covers every aspect of these children’s lives. This film guides you through the life of Mouse, a 14-year-old boy who has already lost his brother and has a single mother. However, he found a little girl and fell in love with her instantly.

Which draws attention from the main cast performance. In person, Jahi Di’Allo Winston as the lead has performed such an amazing performance that everyone loves it.

Charm City Kings already has all the aspects that would drive the audience crazy. The cast has played great roles and with bikes they look pretty good. If the makers had added a little bit of action to the film, it would certainly have turned out great.

Charm City Kings is like one of those documentaries that grab the attention of a few people, but still make a name for themselves among them. Not everyone will find this movingly interesting, but if you decide to watch it, it will be a great experience for you.

Charm City Kings: where can you watch this movie?

Charm City Kings Release

Movies like Charm City Kings are movies that are made on such a small budget but still get recognition from the people. Even the movie has been running on the big screen for a while now.

The movie was originally slated to come out on August 14, 2020 and it was later postponed due to the global pandemic.

Later, the series is being moved to a release on October 8, 2020. When the movie came out, the show was an instant hit. Now fans are eager to see the film’s release on streaming services.

At the moment of writing, HBO Max has reserved all licenses of the film. Anyone who wants to see this movie can watch it on HBO Max and retain all rights to it.

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What are the ratings of the movie?

Charm City Kings over

Before we end this article, let’s take a look at the ratings of the movie. Both audiences and critics have rated the film with staggering reviews.

Starting with the IMDb rating of the film, the show has a rating of 6.7/10 in this category. The Rolling Stone rated the anime 2.5/5. Last but not least, the film contains 79% rotten tomatoes.

Coming to the ratings summary, the show has 4.8 stars in this category. Starring Jahi Di’Allo Winston is the main character who plays the role of Mouse, the young aspiring teenager who is crazy about cycling.

Charm City Kings is an inspiring story and will make you feel nostalgic. This is the kind of movie that will make our father emotional in a good way. With positive response and appreciation for his amazing performance, this show is a must see to get a vibe.

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Is there an official trailer to watch?

The official trailer for the movie has been officially released and anyone who hasn’t seen this movie can watch the trailer first. Here is the official trailer for this movie.

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