Charmed Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Premiere – Review!!

Charmed returned to our lives with the season three series, An Inconvenient Reality, after a hiatus of nearly nine months. Stuart Guillard directed the episode, which was written by Nathalie Fernandes.

The episode was certainly a ray of hope, with smooth dialogue, solid character dynamics, and memorable character moments. Following Macy’s ominous recap, we see Julian drawing the first battle lines by sending a video message in search of Macy and her sisters. Mel and Maggie tried to track Julian’s location through Jimmy, while Macy and Harry were looking for a particularly nasty ingredient for a particularly nasty drink.

Mel and Maggie’s interactions with Jimmy were priceless, especially Mel’s go-for-broke approach. It was nice to see Mel experience the consequences of her life as a witch and witch protector. She can see how relentless fighting and hiding exhausts her. Mel enjoys becoming a witch, and the best witch she can be, but the prospect of losing someone she likes / loves through magic has hurt her and made her a little reckless.

As a fan of Mel-Harry interactions, seeing Mel-Jimmy scenes in this new light was pure joy. Their conflicting means and motives floated each other, resulting in some tense scenes. It’s a shame we didn’t get more scenes with Jimmy as he’s a great scene buddy for all Charmed episodes.

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Melonie Diaz deserves a special mention for her outstanding performance in the episode. Mel went through many different emotional states on this show, and Melonie had a great time portraying them all.

Jordan and Abigail were central to the episode’s B-Story. Jordan was never one to shut up, but the prospect of dying the next day had brought him to the brink of a nervous breakdown. With no encouragement from Charmed and a time stamp on his quest to balance the scales of justice, he sought out Abigail, the only other witch he knew.

charmed season 3

I liked their witty banter, especially Jordan shouting out to Abigail about her sloppy moves from last season. Jordan’s words sometimes cut Abigail like a razor blade, leaving even the snarest of them speechless.

The two eventually saved a Tulipe Institute descendant from a burning painting (a nice OG kink, by the way), but Abigail’s help comes at a cost. Another of Abigail’s siblings was a pleasant surprise from the author. I suspect this is not a Caine, but a Jameson. Right now, my prime suspect is Peyton List’s Nadia, which would be very intriguing.

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