Chauvin judge warns Waters comments may overturn trial

Cahill’s comments, made after denying a court petition from Chauvin’s attorney, marked an escalation in controversy that swirled around Waters for her remarks over the weekend.

On Saturday, Waters told protesters in Minnesota that Chauvin should be found “guilty, guilty, guilty” and if not, “we can’t go away.”

Waters’ comments sparked a swift reprimand from the right. Kevin McCarthy, the minority chairman of the House of Representatives, said Monday it was him Introduction of a resolution for criticism Water. McCarthy said she “broke the law by breaking the curfew and then inciting violence”.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi defended Waters on Monday, saying she didn’t think Waters should apologize for her remarks. Waters said in an interview with The Grio Her comments were about “the confrontation with the judicial system, the confrontation with ongoing police work”.

Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson said Monday that Waters’ comments could have hurt members of the jury. He said that was because the court did not agree to completely prevent her from media exposure during deliberations in court.

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