Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator: Radioactive Hell

Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator: Radioactive Hell

A team specialized in simulators tries to recreate in detail what it was like to respond to the disaster at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

Live Motion Games, a Polish team specializing in simulators, has presented the first trailer of its new and more ambitious project: Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator, a game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the “Liquidators”, the men who control their health and his life. in the service of the response to one of the greatest nuclear disasters in human history: the destruction of unit 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986.

Nuclear Hell

In the trailer you can see some of the conditions we can experience: the first firefighters to witness the deadly radioactive fire after the breach; the technicians who entered the most radioactive area to remove remains, those who explored the intricacies of the plant to prevent a second blast with stagnant water that would have been catastrophic, those who carried out rescue missions through the nearby town Pripyat or those who hunted the animals in the area to prevent the spread of contaminated meat …

The game promises realism, not mutants or “geniuses”, but it will present a moral element under which we can limit ourselves to carrying out our orders, whatever they may be, or be guided by our own heart and moral compass. . The team promises detailed research work when it comes to presenting systems, clothing, utensils and recreating the details of the equipment and environments, both in the factory itself and within the exclusion zone, including the urban center close to the factory. .


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