Child killed and four adults injured after suspected gas explosion

One child was killed and four adults injured after a suspected gas explosion pierced three houses in the middle of the night.

The Heysham, Lancashire incident happened around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday (May 16) when neighbors said they heard an explosion.

Residents nearby were all evacuated, tDer Spiegel reports.

Photos show the ruins of several lots on the terrace as rescue workers search the rubble.

A Lancashire police spokesman said: “We are staying at the site of a suspected gas explosion.

“We received a call at 2:40 this morning to report that some houses on the street had collapsed.

“Our officers were there and found two collapsed houses and severe damage to a third property.

“We can now confirm that unfortunately a small child died as a result of the incident. The family has been informed and our thoughts remain with them during this agonizing time

Child killed and four adults injured after suspected gas explosion 1

“Another four people – two men and two women – were hospitalized with serious injuries.

“A search of the site is pending, Lancashire Fire and Rescue and North West Ambulance Service are also present.

“A security chain has been put in place and residents have been evacuated. We are currently working with gas service engineers to keep the area safe.

Gas explosion in Heysham Lancs

“Road closures also remain in place and people are being asked to avoid the entire area while we deal with this ongoing incident.”

A neighbor who had to escape his home four doors from the epicenter of the explosion said the mirror : “It blew up my windows, front door and roof.”

“It was like a little earthquake,” he said. “As far as we know, it took two or three houses away.

“We live a quarter mile away and it shook our trailer – we thought something hit it.

“We have our little granddaughters overnight. We didn’t know what it was.”

Steven Davison wrote on Twitter: “To #Explosion so loud that I thought it was coming from above, only to be told by a friend that they heard it 5 miles one way. Another friend heard it 2 miles in the other direction. ”


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