Children beaten at checkpoints as Afghan government staff ordered to pledge allegiance

A family of four with documents to leave Afghanistan were stopped and beaten at the final checkpoint outside Kabul airport while Taliban violence against citizens continued

Children face Taliban violence as their families try to flee Afghanistan (

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Children are now being beaten at Taliban checkpoints in Kabul, while violence in the capital increases ahead of the planned withdrawal of US forces.

An Afghan family with valid escape documents was stopped and beaten by Taliban fighters at the last checkpoint in front of the airport – including their two young children.

They were forced to go into hiding again to heal their wounds. Just a few days before NATO troops withdraw completely from Afghanistan on August 31 and the Taliban take control of Kabul airport.

Street violence is getting worse day by day as militants use batons, whips and rifles to force civilians desperately trying to flee on the last few flights from Kabul.

Desperate Afghans continued to stand outside the military-controlled part of Kabul airport at the end of August 22nd


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High-ranking members of the Afghan government in hiding live in fear when their younger colleagues are interrogated by hardliners and threatened with violence in order to surrender their superiors.

Some were arrested at gunpoint and taken to government buildings with threats of pledging allegiance to the Taliban or risking the death of their families.

Dominik Byrne, of the crowdfunding platform Fundsurfer, which has donated its resources to humanitarian causes, said a senior government minister was turned over to the Taliban after a member of his support staff revealed his location.

A Taliban looked at documents at a checkpoint in Kandahar on August 21


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“Initially, the Taliban took low-ranking government officials out of town for interrogation so they couldn’t be seen by the cameras, but now they’re becoming more open about their threats and violence,” he said.

“Over the weekend, ministry officials were put inside a government building and asked to raise their hands when they pledged allegiance to the Taliban. A couple did not and were taken aside and said, ‘If you don’t, we will become your family kill.” ‘. “

It comes after the brother of an Afghan translator was sentenced to death by insurgents, according to leaked court documents.

The translator worked with American troops and his brother was accused of protecting him during the war.

“These court decisions are final and you have no right of objection… You have chosen this path for yourself and your death is paramount [sic]”God willing,” was the last terrifying letter to the man whose whereabouts are unknown.


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