Children in England could face new national tests at age 14

According to reports, children in England may have to take nationally recognized tests by the age of 14.

The Ministry of Education is also considering giving Ofsted more power and removing the limit on the number of hours teachers can attend.

The government should consider bringing back SATs for 14-year-olds at the end of 9th grade – before they begin GCSE classes – reports The guard.

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi is working on a white paper, due for publication next year, on reforms in education in England.

SATs for 14-year-olds were canceled by Labor in 2008 due to concerns that they were frightening students.

But they could come back now, along with more powers for Ofsted in inspecting schools – and lifting the national limit on teaching hours.

At the moment, teachers cannot work more than 1,265 hours per year on 190 days.

Ofsted could be empowered to conduct longer, deeper inspections without notice and receive cash to train more inspectors.

A A DfE spokesperson told The Guardian: “We don’t comment on speculation. The government is committed to an ambitious, long-term plan to restore education and an excellent education system that works for all. ”

The Guardian says the proposals are in the early stages.

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