Children trapped 115ft in the air on fairground ride after it malfunctioned

Two children were caught in the air 115 feet in the air during an amusement ride at Waurn Ponds Shopping Center in Geelong, Australia. Firefighters used a ladder platform to reach the children

Two children are trapped at a height of 35 meters on a carnival ride (

Image: Twitter / @ clareking1977)

Two children were left in the air at 115 feet on a Carnival ride after it malfunctioned.

A crane was brought in to rescue the children on their way to the Chants Summer Carnival at Waurn Ponds Shopping Center in Geelong, Australia.

The incident occurred in stormy weather. It was reported on social media that the freestyle swings were not working around 2 p.m. on Saturday.

One person tweeted, “Let’s hope the storm holds out a little longer. The crane they brought in with a rescue cage crashed.”

The mall was evacuated while rescue workers tried to rescue it.

Dramatic video footage showed the two children hovering helplessly in the air, while two further down could be rescued with less difficulty.

Firefighters used a platform ladder to get to the children


Twitter / @ clareking1977)

Firefighters used a raised platform to rescue the children, with the ride lever pointing straight up when stopped.

Victoria Fire Department stated, “Two children are currently hanging about 35 meters in the air on a non-functioning carnival ride on Pioneer Road and Colac Road in Waurn Ponds. Two other children are also stuck, albeit much closer to the ground.

“FRV is working with CFA, Victoria Police, Worksafe and Carnival Management to get the inmates safely to the ground.

“Crews have set up a ladder platform for the children and are working to free the uninjured couple safely.

“FRV will remain on site for some time.”

Former Hearth Rescue Victoria also said, “Crews have put a ladder platform up the youth and are working to solidly rescue the uninjured couple.”

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