China and U.S. open Alaska meeting with undiplomatic war of words

The Biden government has taken a dire approach to Beijing, whose communist government they see as America’s greatest geopolitical rival. To date, the government has not attempted to reverse Trump’s sanctions and tariffs, but it has also stated that it will work with China on common challenges such as climate change.

“We do not strive for conflict, but we welcome fierce competition and will always stand up for our principles, for our people and for our friends,” said Sullivan at the beginning of the first meeting on Thursday. according to Reuters.

Blinken said the US would not stop holding China accountable for its actions in places like Hong Kong, where Beijing cracked down on democracy. his economic compulsion towards other countries; or what US officials claim is a genocide campaign against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China.

Beijing has often told the US to withdraw from such “internal affairs”. However, Blinken claimed that such Chinese actions “threaten the rules-based order that sustains global stability. Therefore, they are not just internal matters. “

Without this rule-based order, it would be a “far more violent and unstable world,” said Blinken an account in CNN.

Yang, meanwhile, warned the United States to withdraw, accusing it of hypocrisy. He said the United States is using its financial and military might to harass other countries. He also said America had a long history of human rights problems and claimed so Black People Are “Slaughtered” In The United States.

When reporters were due to be removed first, the American side motioned them to stay, and US officials made additional remarks. The Chinese officials insisted that they also receive a second round of comments, according to photos and reports from the scene.

A senior official in the Biden administration accused the Chinese diplomats of breaking protocol and went beyond the two minutes allotted to speakers at the beginning of the first session.

Such “exaggerated diplomatic presentations are often aimed at a domestic audience,” the official said, adding that the US side intends to “privately sketch for the Chinese delegation the same messages that we have consistently conveyed in public.”

“The Chinese delegation, on the other hand, appears to have arrived with the intention of making a name for itself and focusing on public plays and drama about substance,” added the official.

Chinese officials had previously tried to view the Alaska event, which will consist of at least three sessions on Thursday and Friday, as a potential new beginning of a lengthy strategic dialogue.

However, the US side has described the meeting as a “one-off” attempt to convey American frustrations with Beijing and to get a feel for where Chinese leaders stand in various areas of contention.

Blinken landed in Alaska after visiting U.S. allies in South Korea and Japan, where the relationship with China was a major issue.

However, US officials say they are still examining aspects of US policy towards China and intend to continue consultation with America’s allies and overseas partners.

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