China: Hackers steal video from home security cameras

In China, tens of thousands of security cameras were hacked, leading to the commercialization of several illegal videos on the Internet showing the routine – and even the intimacy – of the victims.

According to the South China Morning Post, the clips are sold according to the content: “normal” scenes in hotel rooms, restaurants or homes are sold for 20 yuan each, while videos featuring nudity or even sexual relations cost 50 yuan.

There is even the commercialization of passwords for access to live security cameras.

Complex structure

Research by local authorities has shown that the ads are typically displayed on Chinese platforms and social networks, such as Tencent’s instant messenger QQ.

Provinces like Guandong, Hunan and Hubei were hit and, according to the study, ‘spicy’ videos are not even the most popular: there are those who just want to spy on the daily lives of traditional Chinese families, following the routine of strangers who don’t. they know they are being watched by third parties.

The report also found reports from criminals stating that entire teams “travel across the country and install cameras all over the place,” especially in hotels. There is no further information on an ongoing investigation to document those responsible for the recordings.

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