China reports 45 new coronavirus cases, death toll rises to 3,305

China has reported 45 new cases of coronavirus, including one transmitted locally, while the number of deaths due to Covid-19 has reached 3,300 and five new deaths, health officials said on Sunday.

The new case transmitted nationwide was reported on Saturday in Henan province, said the country’s National Health Commission (NHC).

The five new deaths have all been reported in the Hubei epicenter province, bringing the death toll to 3,300, he said.

With 44 new cases imported, their number rose to 693, said the NHS.

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The overall number of confirmed cases on the continent reached 81,439 by the end of Saturday. This included 3,300 people who died, 2,691 patients still on treatment and another 75,448 who left after treatment.

The condition of the 742 people hospitalized is serious, the NHS said, adding that 174 people were still suspected of being infected with the virus.

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As of the end of Saturday, 582 confirmed cases, including four deaths, had been reported in Hong Kong, 37 in Macao and 283 in Taiwan, including two deaths, the statement said.

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first appeared, began lifting a two-month blockage on Saturday by restarting certain metro services and opening the borders, allowing a semblance of normalcy to return and families to come together.

After being cut off from the rest of the country for two months, the reopening of Wuhan marks a turning point in China’s fight against the virus, although the contagion has since spread to more than 200 countries.

The country has canceled visas for foreigners, restricted international flights, imposed strict quarantine procedures on returnees from abroad to prevent the second wave of coronavirus attacks in the country.

According to several reports, more than 30,500 people have died from the disease in more than 170 countries. Italy has the highest number of deaths with 10,023, followed by Spain 5,982 and China 3,350.

The United States leads the number of Covid-19s with 123,750 confirmed infections to date, followed by Italy (92,472) and China (81,439).


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