China sues Apple! Here’s why

A group of students in China has sued Apple. Students claim that the charging cables in iPhone boxes are not as advertised.

Apple had removed the chargers from the iPhone boxes for a more environmentally friendly approach. Some countries want to prevent this with court decisions. Brazil, one of these countries, has filed a lawsuit against Apple and it is still ongoing. China responded the same way to Apple.

China sues Apple for missing chargers in iPhone boxes

According to Sin and Shanghai Law Magazine, university students in China have sued Apple for not including a charger in the box of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. He claimed that the USB-C to Lightning cable that came out of the box was not compatible with other chargers and a student was unable to charge the phone as stated in the ad.

Plaintiffs also did not believe Apple’s claims about waste reduction. Students see this as Apple’s excuse to sell only the MagSafe wireless charger. The students also want Apple to provide the charger and pay 100 yuan ($16) for legal fees and breach of contract.

On the other hand, it was alleged that Apple told the Beijing virtual court that it is common practice for phone brands to sell power adapters separately and that the government has approved this practice. However, students pointed out that more than one Chinese company offers adapter options in their boxes. For example in China, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 with or without a charging adapter.

China sues Apple! Here’s why 1
The case is still ongoing. There is no guarantee that this will translate into a student fee or lead to a change in the apples policy in China. Even if the matter is resolved, it can only lead to: Apple offering the charging adapter as an option alongside iPhones at the time of purchase. That’s why we may not see a charging adapter in the box China.

Brazil has also sued Apple over off-the-shelf charging adapters for the iPhone 12s. Although the case is not yet closed, the Brazilian courts do not seem to give up. While Brazil’s iPhone 12 case was pending, there was no charging adapter in the recently released iPhone 13 boxes. Brazilian courts are preparing to sue Apple again for this situation.

While Apple is adding a Lightning cable to the boxes, that doesn’t mean you won’t have issues with the charging adapter. The charging cable, which comes as USB-C – Lightning, forces users who want to switch from old iPhone models to 12. That’s why Apple has to come up with a solution.

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