China To Launch An Inquiry About Google

China To Launch An Inquiry About Google

According to data quoted by Reuters from Beijing, the Chinese government is about to launch a major “antitrust” investigation into Google’s umbrella company Alphabet. The premise of the investigation that China started in December 2019 against Google, the Antitrust Authority in Turkey, is the same: to push the opponent out of Android to cause unfair competition. However, China’s hand is much stronger in the matter.

Alphabet Inc, the head of the US-based technology giant of which Google is one of the largest divisions, has long been in trouble with competition cases. Allegations that it creates “unfair competition” and puts pressure on phone manufacturers running Android, the world’s most widely used operating system, are at the heart of all of these cases.

The company is thought to have left consumers without options due to the fact that it offers its own applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Play Store that come pre-loaded on Android devices, and other companies are also negatively affected by this situation.

In 2019, China’s State Council, which took action with Huawei’s proposal, started its investigative work:

According to Reuters, relations between the US and China are the most important factor in the investigation, which will be concluded in October. If you remember, the protracted commercial wars between the two countries have spread to the world of technology and the US has decided not to use Huawei products and services, 5G technologies across the country. With the Google survey, it can be said that China is now preparing for a similar move.

The harsh sanctions that US President Trump has imposed on Chinese technology companies due to privacy concerns will be given an important place in the investigation. In addition to Huawei, China-based ByteDance, which owns TikTok processor manufacturer SMIC, is one of the companies globally affected by US sanctions.

China’s research could usher in a new era of trade wars:

Acting under the control of the US government during the trade wars, Google has decided not to offer its own apps and services to Huawei devices. After this phase, Huawei started working on HMS, its own cellular service, and started working on a new generation operating system called HarmonyOS to compete with Google.

The key detail that bolsters China’s hand in this investigation is that Huawei fell victim when Google support is final. While the company continues to work on its own ecosystems, it started experiencing sustainability issues when Google’s applications weren’t used by billions of people.


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