China upgrades ‘humpback’ nuclear submarines capable of hitting US-based targets

China has modified its Type 094 nuclear submarines to be more inconspicuous than ever, hide the ID numbers of the ships and also make them quieter in the face of increasing tensions with the United States

China’s Type 094 submarines have been upgraded to be more secretive in the face of mounting tensions with the United States (

Image: AFP via Getty Images)

China has upgraded its “humpback” atomic 094 submarines that can hit the US.

The submarines are said to be able to carry China’s JL-3 “Big Wave” missiles, which have a range of 7,500 miles and could devastate US cities.

The ‘Jin’ class nuclear powered submarines have been modified to hide their ID numbers and also to reduce their noise.

The underwater ships are now more inconspicuous than ever, roaming the Pacific amid mounting tensions between China and the United States.

President Xi Jingping recently renewed the call for Taiwan to join China and sent a record number of Chinese fighter jets into the country’s airspace.

The submarines are said to be able to carry “big wave” missiles that can travel 7,500 miles


AFP via Getty Images)

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The US is committed to defending Taiwan and its independence.

Despite China’s efforts to reduce the noise from the Type 094 submarines, a report by submarine experts Eric Genevelle and Richard W. Stirn said they are likely still too loud to approach US shores undetected .

Zhou Chenming, an academic at the Yuan Wang Military Science and Technology Institute in Beijing, said recent developments were not associated with rising tensions with the United States.

He said that South china morning post: “The construction of a submarine can take up to eight years to go into operation, while the electronics and many sophisticated components would have been developed by several generations in this time.

President Xi Jingping plans to retake Taiwan, but the US has pledged to protect the island


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“The Chinese Navy would urge shipbuilders to put the most advanced facilities in the next hull while the sub-engineers think about how to put these components in the right places. All of this may require changes to the hull design, dimensions, sails, rudders, number of link holes, and other factors. ”

It comes after China threatened to “hit” US troops in Taiwan “anytime” fears the attack would reportedly spark global war.

Mr. Jinping has promised “reunification” with the region while Beijing responded to revelations that US forces are training troops in Taiwan.

China and Taiwan quarrel over fears the communist giant might try to retake the island, leading to fears that World War III could break out.

Taiwan insists it is an independent nation after splitting off from mainland China in 1949.

One of the top newspapers in China The global time issued a chilling warning to the US.

She claimed that US special forces operating in Taiwan would be tantamount to an “invasion” of mainland China.

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And it warned: “As soon as war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, these US military personnel will be the first to be eliminated”.

“The mainland has the right to carry out military strikes against them at any time,” said the vicious editorial published on Friday.

The US was said to face “unbearable” losses if it chooses to defend Taiwan, and mocked Washington for its failure in Afghanistan.

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