China's new U.S. ambassador goes full wolf in first major speech

Qin’s speech to the National Committee on Relations between the United States and China underscores his history as an early pioneer of the aggressive “wolf warrior” diplomacy that has increasingly shaped Beijing’s stance toward the United States and the world.

As spokesman for the Foreign Ministry from 2005-2010, he mocked media representatives, tell a journalist once “Not to report on the basis of your delusions.” In February, as Deputy Foreign Minister, he answered a journalist’s inquiry about the “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy from bitter “bad wolves” for negative coverage of China.

As Qin. took up his new office, struck a conciliatory tone at a time of high tension with the United States. He promised “to endeavor to get China-US relations back on track, which will pave the way for the two countries to live together.” However, his comments on Tuesday suggest that he will continue to pursue a diplomatic engagement with his bare fingers has left the recent high-level bilateral meetings in Anchorage and the Chinese port city of Tianjin in dire stalemate.

Qin’s speech offered a measure of hope, noting that China sees the opportunity for substantial bilateral cooperation on existential issues such as climate change and the global containment of Covid-19. He referred to the “Ping pong diplomacy“, Which paved the way for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and China in 1979 and said it was” more rational, more stable, more manageable and more constructive “between China and the US. Relationship.”

But most of his presentation dealt with the Chinese government’s dissatisfaction with what it perceives as US politicians committed to “the oppression of China” and warned that the US government considers China to be “their rival and imaginary.” Enemy “as Don Quixote leaned against windmills.”

The list of Qin’s complaints ranged from a warning of US support for Taiwan independence Criticism of the approval of a World Health Organization (WHO) investigation into the origins of the coronavirus by the Biden government.

US Government Restrictions on the Operation of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei blacklisted and a series of bills focused on China that went through Congress drew its focused fire.

Qin accused the Biden government of using “state power to overthrow Huawei” and warned that the passage of laws, including the EAGLES law and the Innovation and Competition Act 2021, “China-US will hijack relations and seriously damage America’s own interests.”

This uncompromising language suggests that Qin’s tenure as ambassador will be marked by confrontation amid growing skepticism by the two parties about the quality and direction of US-China relations.

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