Chinese city of 1.2million people locked down after just THREE Covid cases emerge

All vehicles and public transportation have been banned in Yuzhou city since Monday evening as China prepares for next month’s Winter Olympics

Coronavirus tests are taking place across China (

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A city of nearly 1.2 million residents was put on lockdown after only three cases of coronavirus were discovered.

All three cases were found in people with no symptoms and caused the entire Yuzhou City to stay home.

All vehicles and public transport have been banned in the city since Monday evening.

The 1.2 million join the more than 13 million people in the country currently facing tight lockdown orders ahead of the Winter Olympics, due to begin on February 4th.

Did China really ban video games?

China has said it wants to be Covid free before the Games start and local officials must be fired if cases are found in their jurisdiction.

All shops, entertainment and leisure facilities have been closed and only shops that “guarantee the supply of materials for daily needs” may be opened.

Residents are tested


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Communist Party officials in Yuzhou, some 600 kilometers southwest of the capital Beijing, said in a statement: “So far, the source of the virus is unknown and the number of cases is unclear.

“The virus control and prevention situation in our city is very serious.

“Containing and containing the epidemic within a very short time is a high-ranking political task for all civil servants and people in the city.”

The city is closed


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There were no new fatalities in mainland China on Monday, leaving the death toll unchanged at 4,636 since the virus first appeared in downtown Wuhan in late 2019.

In mainland China, there have been a total of 102,841 confirmed symptomatic cases from the start of the pandemic to the end of Monday.

Yesterday, the UK confirmed an additional 218,724 coronavirus cases recorded in just a 24-hour period, and more than 13.6 million cases since the pandemic began.

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