‘Chinese Electric Beetle’ Shows More Similarities to the VW Classic

Chinese electric beetleAfter minor spoilers, the Chinese brand Ora unveiled the complete Punk Cat design at the opening of the Auto Shanghai 2021 exhibition. With retro lines, the electric model is clearly inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle.

As can be seen in the first images, the car manufacturer was not afraid to “copy” the classic vehicle of the German manufacturer. Despite its modern features, it has combined the traditional bodywork and rounded details with the massive bumpers.

Punk Cat’s interior mixes nostalgia and futurism. For example, the dashboard is equipped with a single digital speedometer behind the wheel with classic lines. In addition, there is a large horizontal LCD screen with a multimedia system.

Echoing the colors of the details of the panel’s vents, the car’s trim is white with red accents. Then the green finish will accompany the main external color of the vehicle presented at the Chinese fair.

According to the manufacturer, the Punk Cat was developed to attract the female audience to the electric one. The commercials emphasize that the body resembles a fairytale carriage, with illustrations of castles and a princess.

Great Wall Motors, a Chinese car maker and owner of the Ora brand, has not revealed any plans to export the electricity. However, a large audience will be interested in purchasing this model faithfully inspired by the Volkswagen classic outside of China.

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