Chocolate-box Yorkshire village rocked by pensioner murder probe

Residents of a North Yorkshire village in a chocolate box have spoken of their shock after a homicide investigation and arrest at their normally idyllic home.

The police investigation into the unsolved death in Thornton-le-Dale continued over the weekend after a woman named Brenda was found dead Wednesday.

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The village is usually known for its thatched cottages, scenic scenery, and proximity to stunning hiking trails, but locals were rocked by developments after a man was charged with murder.

The village rumor mill has been in full swing since the incident, but police confirmed on Friday that they had charged 33-year-old Shahin Darvish-Narenjbon, from Leeds, with the murder.

One of the bartenders in a village pub told the story Yorkshire Live that she came to the shift on Wednesday and everyone discussed the tragedy.

She said, “We’re only a small village, so you can imagine that nothing like this has ever happened before.”

The property itself is on the outskirts of the village which leads into the North Yorkshire countryside.

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A woman across the street, who didn’t want to be named, said, “It’s bloody awful. It has not arrived yet. It’s a big shock.

“We always say it’s quiet up here and nothing happens.”

She said the woman lived in the house for “40 years or more” and knew her all along.

She said, “She was lovely. She was 88 and fitter than me. It was very private, but when you met her out here it was always full of talking.

“She always talked to you and always chatted a lot.”

Bouquets of flowers were left in front of the house, including one that reads “The Angels are crying” and another from the Noyon Indian restaurant that says “Our thoughts are with everyone.”

One of the employees at the Pickering take-away restaurant said Brenda had ordered from the restaurant every 14 days last year.

He said, “We are so sad for her.”

District Councilor Janet Sanderson said the residents of the “nice, little, pretty national park village” were stunned.

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Cllr Sanderson said, “These are depressing times for our village, a village that is not used to this. I’ve spoken to residents in the immediate area who are clearly looking for reassurance rather than details at this stage.

“I am confident that once the crime scene has been thoroughly searched and cleared and the investigative officer believes he has enough evidence to bring charges, things will calm down.”

“Since the event, I’ve listened to the views of local residents in the village.

“May I repeat once again that when a resident needs to discuss this, I am happy to help them get through these troubled times. In the meantime, it is important to wait until the full facts are known before calling any Draws conclusions. ” .

Shahin Darvish-Narenjbon, 33, of Leeds appeared in the local court over the weekend charged with the murder.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said tonight (Friday): “A 33-year-old man from Leeds was charged with the murder of a woman in an apartment building in Thornton-le-Dale on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

“Officials were called to the village high street property just before noon on Wednesday, and when they arrived they found the woman dead.

“The 33-year-old man was immediately arrested and taken into police custody.”

He appeared in York Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, January 8th.

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