Chris Chibnall's New Doctor Who Short Story Is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

The Thirteenth Doctor is orientated.

The Thirteenth Doctor is orientated.
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The circumstances of the regeneration of the thirteenth doctor were particularly weighty, because although she, like most doctors before her, was able to regenerate just fine, a little later she was thrown out of her ship above the earth and left to fall to the surface of the planet while her TARDIS both exploded and dematerialized – dematerial exploding – before her eyes. This was not an ideal situation.

Doctor who showrunner Chris Chibnall published “Things she thought while falling, “ a new short story, on the BBC site. But he pre-posted it with a note to Whovians:

Hey! We are currently experiencing some strange times.

Since people stayed at home and families stayed together, I thought maybe a few little Doctor Who gifts might help. Something to read, together or alone. New treats from the people who make Doctor Who.

We try to put things here once or twice a week. Later this week, we wrote a previously unpublished treat written by Russell T Davies.

To get us started, I wrote a few words about what went through the head of the Thirteenth Doctor immediately after she had recovered and had her TARDIS thrown out.

Stay safe.

Chris x

In the story itself, Chibnall reveals a lot more about what went through the doctor’s mind when her body fell to Earth in the series 11 premiere, and frankly, her thoughts were quite charming and indicative of the new kind of person she was become active in the process of becoming (while it is also possible until her death).

While falling to Earth may have alarmed a human of the garden variety, the doctor’s experience was a time for an important reflection on her new form, and some quick thinking on how to make the best use of her regeneration was yet completely complete.

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Because a complete collision with the ground from that height could certainly kill a Time Lord (see: the downfall of the Fourth Doctor), it wasn’t something that the thirteenth was particularly keen on, which led to her developing a rather new way of using her predicament to ensure that if she crashed to the ground she would more than likely make it . Beyond that, “Things she thought when falling ” also voices the doctor’s many parallel thoughts as they continue to grow accustomed to being part of her new feminine identity.

The whole thing is fascinating, short read and fits perfectly in some of the first moments of series 11 – and that’s something you probably want to want checking out.

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